So then...


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Football Manager 2009 is out. Who has it, and what's it like? First Impressions? Any different from the demo?

For once i've not decided to buy it this year, what with the recession and the like here in the UK.



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Meh I'm not entirely sure I'm going to buy it at all. Wasn't particularly impressed by the demo. I'm not going to buy it straight away anyway as I'm leaving today for a weekend and I'll than have to study for exams and stuff.


I may buy it with a couple of friends, order it from Spain where it's a lot cheaper... Of course, there's an even cheaper way.

Moving oooon.


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it's funny, I wanted to see if I can get a cracked version before they manage to fix it and I did. All that trouble for a good for nothing security system.


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It's probably got to do with that making it work for you with the nocd thing, they tried to add heaps of protection as well because of that. Also with the 3d thing, which seems to act and look like a beta there was probably going to be alot of kinks, but they should be ironed out before a game release surely..


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I've been looking forward to this for quite a while. By the numerous posts above, I've been bamboozled... am I correct in that assumption? Are there any positives in the new version?


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Yeah, I installed the patch at the same time I installed the game. So I haven't played it without the patch and I don't have any problems with injuries etc. But there are still some annoying bugs there. The one that annoys me the most is after I make a sub the auto switching between the match and the rating screen stops working.


yeah, it's too difficult. haven't experienced any bugs yet though.

edit: I've also installed the patch at the same time I installed the game.