SG's Ultimate Draft Challenge 2016


Make America Great Again
I swear, you take vacations that a typical Vietnamese rice farmer would take.

And that's not just America. That's the entire developed world plus. I had a friend that got 4G in Kandahar, Afghanistan through T-Mobile.

Sir Didier Drogba

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They may have 3G but what use is that? do you have any idea what non eu roaming charges are like? do you expect me to buy a local phone just to play draft?


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We should definitely wait for Juventino, what's the rush? Pretty sure he wouldn't be asking us to postpone this if he had a way to participate, also he's a valuable member of this community and deserves it.


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Sir Didier Drogba;3989249 said:
why don't you play but we give you a short clock? then you c an PM picks and if you can't keep on top of it you won't disrupt anyone. worse that can happen is you end up with a shitty team?
That definitely sounds fair to you guys, but if I can't be on top of it I won't enjoy it. I feel it's in the spirit of the Draft to play to win. If I can't be on top of it and end up with a shitty team (which is very likely, especially with a short clock) I wouldn't want to play, it'd feel pointless to me.

Thank you Massive! I do believe I deserve some credit. I'd play if I feel I could. I even ran the voting stage multiple times, I've paid my dues. ;) If it really is too much trouble, it's just unfortunate timing.