SG's Babe 2013 - Semifinal 1


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Voting will close in 2 days, you must have 100 posts in order to vote. The babe with the highest tally will proceed to the next round. You must actually VOTE in the poll, posting your choice does nothing. Also, you may, and are encouraged, to post pics of any of the contestants in this group, either to encourage or discourage votes for any of the babes involved, but please refrain from posting any pics that aren't of them, there are other threads for that.

Emily Ratajkowski

Candice Swanepoel



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Two chicks with nice bodies but not a huge fan of either face. Candice's face is better, but Emily's boobs are better. Going for boobs, I think.


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It doesn't matter fellas, many here like either the ladyboy look or fat cheese white dimpled asses like Jennifer Lawrence has.

This ass made the semi finals, nothing more to say.



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emily is sexy as fuck, haters gonna hate... my 2nd pick in this comp after my nominee that you rassists ignored.....


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yeah but you could've stuck to praising your girl, no need to be badmouthing my fine bitch yo.

All's good anyway. I'd hit Candice so hard whoever pulled me out would be crowned king of England.


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Lord Mandieta6;3544407 said:
I don't think any babe in the semifinals is really that hot, but this is what democracy gets you.

Depends on your definition of democracy. In a preferential voting system like Australia's, I'm sure you end up with a different result.

The issue is that everyone only gets one girl in the group stages, so hot girls split votes. You can end up with somebody who 3/4s of people thinking is the ugliest getting through the group stage.