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SGF Best Musical Performance Competition [FINAL]


Fan Favourite
-You need atleast 100 posts to vote!!!

Pink Floyd - Jimi Hendrix

-Another clash of the legends, and this one will decide which one will take the prestigious title of SGF Best Musical Performance

-Vote for your favorite, help him win it all!

-The voting will be closed 17th December.

Ubik Valis

Croatian Viking
Amazing final, though of course I feel Tool deserved to be there as well, but you can't say not to the Floyd and Jimi. (Y) Tough choice, but since I'm more familiar with Pink Floyd's music (WYWH, Animals and DSotM = godlike albums) I'm gonna have to go with them.


Fan Favourite
As I've been saying throuhg out the competition, Jimi FTW!

Amazing guitarist, amazing personality and stage character, just have to bow to him.


Słowiańska Dusza
I voted for Pink Floyd to keep their dreams alive about winning this prestigious competition.


Starting XI
Man, what a final! Jimi is and will always be a legend, he took the guitar and started to learn ,and guess what? He became one of the best guitar players ever! Respect! (Y)

But I'm afraid I have to vote for Floyd, my all-time favourite band,a band which needs no introduction...we all know them.

Oh, man, 5-5. :o