SG Utd Screenshot Showoff


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Haha (H) I got this once:

"Brandon scores!!
He hit that from 30 yards out
He goes to take his shirt off but changes his mind after a glance to the ref"

Beat Gillingham 3-1 in the cup, a good scalp against a higher division team. I got booked for diving again. Had Neo go down early, then lost Davus for 4 weeks (luckly Alex has just returned, but he'll be drafted in half fit). Nick came on and took a small knock, so he was subbed for Denny. I played left midfield a good deal of this match.

Got Leicester at the forum in round 4 :rockman:


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Alright I finally got done with my season. It was a very succesfull season, I won the Championship, Uefa Cup, Community Shiled, FA Cup runner up, and went to the Semis in the League Cup. (Y)


FA Cup Final

I played really bad

Uefa Cup, The best thing I won this season. I knocked out Man Utd and Roma to get to the final too (H) :D

Bring on the EPL.


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Juventino said:
How's Bons in your game, socrates? Already sold me? :p

Nah I have not sold you, you are my third RB. So its Hope, Billy Ko, than you. As long as noone complains I dont sell them:p

barthez4 said:
Congrats on making it to the EPL, Socrates.

ps. Josh Schroeder wouldn't have missed a penalty against Charlton. (6)

Thanks. If those Dutch bastards would have scored than Liam would have never been forced in that position:p (6) :( Your stats are actually good for me, its just that Liam is too good. ;)

EDIT : I just replaced Sven as Englands manager (H)


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Tom you beauty! :lui:



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There, you started.

nor-rbk was on the bench cause I gave Tom a holiday.

Losing Hope for 4 months is a really sorry blow, he's been solid. Luckly the board made me sign a "big name" so I got Carl Fletcher (heh), he'll see some time with Ruud injured aswell.


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Ah were sitting in first atm with 25 points and Man Utd is second with 23 points (Y)

So far against the big teams I drew Chelsea 1-1 at home, beat Lpool 2-1 at home, and beat Arsenal 1-4 away. I have not played Man Utd yet. I won the European Super Cup over Inter, it was a 1-1 draw and I won on penalties. :rockman:

Everythings going good so far.


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SG United wins the FA Cup, United won the league so its ok. :p :lui: Key moment of the match was when Liam saved the penalty. (Y) Overall pretty good 1st season, won the league, the FA Cup, the LDV Vans Trophy and got to the semis of the League Cup.



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Actually Alex started, I subbed you in. :p I start you if Alex is not able to play so you do have some starts this season.


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Bah, why am I so rubbish? I'm tempted to MCFM my ass to up my pot. it's only 120, I consider myself to be a bit better than that! (6)

Oh well, great mod guys, keep up the good work.


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Alex :rockman:

I need a holiday now, finished the game with 28%, Tom has a broken nose.

Josh played well with Liam injured. He's getting a new contract.


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I think we all need to take a step back and take this in... Nick... starts... and scores?...