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SG United - Be fun i promiss :D


Senior Squad
so this is the idea....

we will make patch with all sg team on fifa 08.

1. Kits and Minikits, Numbers:
New Home,Away,GK,3rd Kits and Minikits, Numbers.

2. Squads and Infos:
Soccergaming most posted members who are FIFA Threads, realistic ratings.

3. Flags and Adboards:
All new flags, adboards

4. Logos and Banners:
New, better looking Logos and Banners.

5. Stadiums and faces:
We should make fantasy Soccergaming Arena and we need to add much as we can faces

Say your opinion and what needs to be in squad(i got some guarantee):


Also we will make SG United Doublers
We got 40 places(20 main team,20 doublers)
members registering from:
300 posts to 800 posts to doubler team
800 posts to 5000 posts to main team

also this is my overall scale:

300 posts 60 overall
500 posts 65 overall
700 posts 70 overall
900 posts 75 overall
1000 posts 80 overall
1500 posts 85 overall
2000 posts 90 overall
2500 and more 95 overall


Senior Squad
ok the sponsors is:

Adobe Photoshop


Soccergaming Arena

Lord Spawn

Club Supporter
i want to be on team but doesnt look that i'll get enough posts anytime soon.

why dont u ask first all the people who want to be on team 1st?

it should be the people who have been on the forums the longest also not just most posts. peoples posts could be most of their posts being short stupid pointless posts. so # of posts shouldnt determine who goes on the team. should be a combination of posts and longest on the forum. to be fair to everyone.


Senior Squad
i don't agree with you. you got 69 posts and this means you getting to forum few times in year... i can register an account and leave it :D but whatever i got new forumula now -

PostsXTime on forum(months)=Points
Me: 850x18=15300
You: 70x23=1630



Senior Squad
i been year and half....and i posted much, becose i visiting it everyday for about 20 times, becose it my main page.


Reserve Team
that means for me: 147post x 2months = 294points
still very far to join this team... why don't just by posts per day :p

i think that the team will be better if NK FOOTBALL © joined too :mexican: he can be the master of set pieces

Lord Spawn

Club Supporter
it is extremly unlikely you will get a team of 40 ppl let alone 20 people all with 800+ posts let alone 300+ you should make a list of who is interested Than make the team. from their. also get the position (exact position not like Mid or D as in LCM or LM etc)

have Liek 3 GK's 3 LB 3 LCB 3 RCB 3 RB 4 LM 3 LCM 3 RCM 3 RM and 6-8 ST or something and get a list of who wants to play what position. because you can have 10 people wanting to be a striker or LM or whatever.

so it'll be logical to first get a list of everyone who wants in on the team. and they list what SPECIfIC position they want (not a general position like Midfield more specifically like LM etc.) than after a bit see how many people you got and how many people for each position you have. than adjust the team from there.

this way you are fair to everyone and you have a team of players playing the position they want.

this is just my suggestion. try and think about it.