** SG United 2008 Sign Up Thread **


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i think the issue was that having Dirtyness as a "weakness" could possibly be a positive, as it means they player is dirtier.


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HAhahahahaha, wow, maybe I should read the form. I'm gonna need a do-over :(

I thought it was major strengths, and minor strengths


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no problem man, at least with the entry form its easier for me to organise :p


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rpvankasteren;2476018 said:
If injury proneness is a weakness, you get injured a lot. Just stick to the words in the signup form.

:$ sorry senor, i just wanted to be clear, please dont beat me master!

i can see a definite shortage of defenders developing


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My mental stats are mostly real life. Since I'm not a professional footballer, my technical stats are about being good, but also geared towards how I prefer to play.


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Done :D

My stats are based on how I am as a player, but obviously exaggerated...Just a note guys, when it is put together, can I be made more a Right Back and Defensive Midfielder, even though My registration says RWB and DM. there was no option just for RB...I'm probably not quick enough for a true wingback..fit but not quick...Id say make me like 18 RB, 15 RWB, 10 CB, 12 LB and 20 DMC...If that's ok? :S

If not, I'm a supermod and I'll delete ALL YOUR PROFILES!! HAHAHAHAHA

No really, this is serious... :p


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Alex, the CA/PA will go on presence in the CM/FM forum, obviously being a supermod you'll be higher, but you won't be as highly rated as someone such as Alex the Greek for instance.

Unfair otherwise.