Sepakbola/Matt10's Slider Thread


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SEPAKBOLA;3714378 said:
Btw, I've updated the OP - changed run frequency to 1/0.

There is no perfect gameplay because you always need to sacrifice something inside the game, the closest to a real football game is with your latest sliders settings + run frequency to 0! great job :jap:

IMO it's even better if you use RC's rna.ini and his DB, if you can't get his DB use a gameplazed one and find a good matchintensity subfile.

I still would like CPUAI reduces lob-air-chipped passes, percentage still too high compared to ground passes but is not big deal.


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Hello! How can I make cpu team be more aggresive? to commit more faults? it is so lame in one match there is no fault from adverse team.