Scotland v Lithuania

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tisker;2397603 said:
By saying he will apologise if the Hearts fans wish him too, the silly lad has admitted he has something to apologise for and so unwittingly confessed that he cheated. Hopefully, the SFA will take this matter up with UEFA. They are supposed to be clamping down on cheats.
Since the SFA fine people for comments made about the Scottish media and hammer anyone who dares comment on a referee's performance (no matter how inept it is) they will be itching to hammer Hearts again. We'll get even less decisions now from refs, if such a thing is possible!

One thing is for sure though; if Maloney or any of the Scotland players did that in their box it would be praised by the weeja was "intelligent play".


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tisker;2397603 said:
Take another look at your post #14. A quick scan and I can instantly see at least 12 grammatical and spelling errors. A more detailed scan would undoutedly unearth several more. Your risible attempts at ponced up language make you look like a desparate idiot.
At least I would know how to fix them, it's called editing. In any case, your first impression hasnt changed my opinion of you in the slightest. You seem so obssesed with arse-wiping i'm surprised that it isn't your profession.

In fact why don't you try that next time you need to get a lay with some vile :drevil:prossie:drevil:; With your foul mouth I dont suppose that would prove to be much of a challenge now would it?

And if you're going to pull me up on my lack of apostrophes in contracted negations; Deal with it motherf*cker; I don't care. Now get out of this thread you rascist scum.