Scoreboard 2in1 Ver. 2.0 - EPL and Champions League


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Scoreboard 6 in 1 + HD Emblems + Full Teamnames

for Evolution Patch 1.1 and Revolution 1.3 OF

Now you have 6 different Scoreboards in different Gamemodes.

You play a Master League, then you have the English Premier League
Scoreboard on Display, if you have European Cup Matches in Master
League Mode, the Scoreboard style change to the Champions League
Style and went back to EPL Scoreboard when the Match is over.

Install DKZ Studio:

You need DKZ Studio 0.92. :)
- Click on the DKZ Version do you want to install:
- In DKZ Studio go to: Patch --> Aplly Patch in Folder
and search for /dat Folder where you have install the Game.
- A Popupmessage popups and say:
"The file "x_text.afs" is not found in the selected folder. Would you
like to located it manually?"
- Click Yes and search for your Language text.afs in your /dat Folder
e_text, f_text, g_text etc.... and selected.
- Again the Popupmessage popups and say:
"The file "0_text.afs" is not found in the selected folder. Would you
like to located it manually?"
- Click Yes and search for the "0_text.afs" in your /dat Folder and selected
- Yust wait a moment till DKZ Studio "Applying the Patch"

- Copy OPTIONSFILE !!! It´s necessarily that you use the Optionsfile in this .zip.
!!! Don´t forget that !!!! It´s the orginal Evolution Patch Optionsfile 1.1, only
with removing Emblems, if you have modifiy your Optionsfile from Evolution Patch, then remove the Teamemblems by
yourself, with the Ingame Editor or with PES Fan Editor.
- If you have Revolution OF 1.3 be sure you have also deleted the Emblems
- Finshed and Enjoy the Game#

Install Manually:only for People DKZ Studio doesn´t work

- Install the Files from 0_text and x_text Folder manually
- Install the HD Emblems and Fullteamnames for Evolution Patch
or for the Revolution 1.3 Patch

Read the manuals into the Folder:

- 6 Files for 0_text if you wanna change the Style
- 13 different Champions League TV Logos
- 7 different Replay Logos

The List is:

unknow_00593.bin = Exhibition Style = Barclay Premiership Friendly
unknow_00594.bin = World Super League = Fox World League
unknow_00595.bin = Premier League = Premier League
unknow_00596.bin = Liga Espanyol = La Liga
unknow_00597.bin = Seria A = Fox World League
unknow_00598.bin = not in use
unknow_00599.bin = Lique 1 = Fox World League
unknow_00600.bin = Eredivisie = Bundesliga Arena
unknow_00601.bin = Cup Mode = Fox World League
unknow_00602.bin = Random
unknow_00603.bin = Master League D1 = Premier League
unknow_00604.bin = Master League D2 = Barclay Premiership Friendly
unknow_00605.bin = Champions League = Champions League Sky Sports 1
unknow_00606.bin = UEFA Cup = Champions League Sky Sports 1
unknow_00607.bin = Not in use
unknow_00608.bin = Relegation Style = Fox World League

kUrgan - for the 6 in 1 Template
FOREVERWE to share the Information for 2 Scoreboards
churowero & Lord Mephisto for the Full Teamnames
FOREVERWE for help
SPARK for HD Emblems



if you have Problems like this:

go into "Manually Install/x_text" Folder and import "unnamed_151.bin" to your x_text with Game Graphic Studio



Champions League:

Premier League:

La Liga:

Bundesliga (Mock):

World League (Evo League)


Club Supporter
I've been waiting for something like this since PES4, it looks quality mate. Keep up the good work, i'll be checking back all the time to see if this has been released.


Senior Squad
Looks amazing... totally changes the look of the game. (though I'd recommend you remove the italic font off "Live".... italic is always a bad idea with pes/we fonts)


Youth Team
Hi guys. This looks really amazing. One question/request, though.

I have installed the Evolution Patch, and I quite like their new scoreboard. I like these better but only for EPL and Champs League matches. Is there a way I can apply this patch so that it only comes up for EPL or Champs Lg. or UEFA Cup etc. matches, and the rest just use the Evolution one?

If you could help me with this I'd REALLY appreciate it, thanks!


Youth Team
So, basically what I meant is:

Exhibition Style (Evolution 1.1)
World Super League (Evolution 1.1)
Premier League (EPL 2.0)
Liga Espanyol (Evolution 1.1)
Seria A (Evolution 1.1)
Lique 1 (Evolution 1.1)
Bundesliga (Evolution 1.1)
Cup Mode (Evolution 1.1)
Master League D1 (EPL 2.0)
Master League D2 (EPL 2.0)
Champions League (CL 2.0)
UEFA Cup (CL 2.0)
Relegation Style (CL 2.0)


Club Supporter
This looks really good and even though its just a small logo it brings a whole new realism to the game wehn can we expect this to be ready!!!!!!!!


Reserve Team
The_Knight;2256431 said:
Thanks a lot FCH, but how to I install the amazing EPL scoreboard only for all my matches?

if EPL the small black/blue
Read the Readme in:
Bonus/6 Files for 0_text if you wanna change
then copy unknow_00595.bin = Premier League over all other .bins

if you want the Barclay Premiership in all matches, copy
unknow_00595.bin over all other .bins
it´s simply


Club Supporter
Do these amazing scoreboards only work with the Evolution Patch? Because I have the K_Patch installed and I really want to use them.


Club Supporter
I am having the problem with the white blocks appearing where the logo should be. can anybody breifly describe how i import the x text file using the game graphic studio