SaNtOpUz Face Thread(FIFA 10 Faces)


The Legend
Vlady;2759897 said:
Very good Iniesta! But maybe skintone not too pale?
nop,he looks white in the real life mate,and my first texture looks green xD

AC5;2759918 said:
later update them,thanks man :D

aeh1991;2759922 said:
Very perfect face! No updates needed! Maybe expression. He looks much better than 09 version!
thanks friend :D

Cristi_Romania;2759947 said:
your first version is better bro:P
thanks Cristi,maybe if possible xD,but for this old text i used a bad pic,because the colours are not real,this new text has more realism,the real Iniesta´s skintone xD

thanks for comment men :D

Vlady;2759978 said:
I think I agree,prefer first texture
merci bocu(?) xD