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Hi Rob if you have time would you be able to do the new Chelsea home alternate sock that they wore against Spurs. It is the same as the home except the white is replaced by Royal Blue the same colour as the shorts and shirt


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Hey Rob. I have a little question.
Is there a way to modify the positions of numbers, badges and back names of the HD kits? I've tried to change the size of the back names of the Albania 2021-2022 HD kit on FIFA 15 but as soon as I modify it, the kit disappears from the game.



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hi robmar .. i know you buzy making kit but i just want to know do you have stal mielec kit ... if gk kit only is good .. thanks and sorry for disturb you


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Youth Team
It's high time to retire. I finally have time to play what I have been creating for these dozen or so years. For a dozen or so days I have been playing my patch that expands the Polish competition to include several lower leagues.
I'm finally enjoying playing FIFA soccer. I'm happy like a child.
enjoy it man!