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☆MoonlighT☆;3614848 said:
Este foarte bun dar... cand intru sa dau edit player imi da crash... ma poate ajuta cineva?

Known bugs to be fixed in future realeases:
Crash Edit Player
Crash Virtual Pro
Naţional Arena Night Version not finished.

Read please!


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This patch is the best yet for fifa 14, but really as ☆MoonlighT☆ says, edit player in career mode is very important and it would be great if this fix will come out sooner than later, since this is one of the reasons for which I bought fifa 14.
Anyway, thanks guys for this patch.


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i have ideea for you guys... can you try putting rngp 1's popups for liga 1 and liga 2 because in my oppinion the old popups are better.


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i've got a schedule conflict: the national team have 2 games in same day, one official, one friendly. The problem is the stamina of the players, they cant play the second game to overlook this. I dont have any mod instaled only fifa and rngp.
Known bug?


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In RNGP 14 v2 repair bugs:National arena is full version
National team 2 match in 1 day.
Edit player and Player Carrer is Fixed


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bogdan2013;3655473 said:
In RNGP 14 v2 repair bugs:National arena is full version
National team 2 match in 1 day.
Edit player and Player Carrer is Fixed

And Download Link? :mambo:


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Only one member from our team knows how to do that, but i know he's kinda of busy momentanly. Anyway, he has a thread here, his username is twopyx, so you can talk to him directly and get your answer...


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RNGP 14 V.3


FIFA NEXT LEVEL ROMÂNIA has the pleasure to launch RNGP 14 V.3 patch! This is the most complex and professional patch made ​​by any team in Romania, introducing both Liga I and Liga II in FIFA 14!

So, here is the content of RNGP 14 V.3:

• Liga I Bergenbier(18 teams) and Liga a II-a(2 series: 24 teams)
-Squads till 27.07.2014
-Kits for Home/Away/GK (3d and 4th for some) (27.07.2014)
-Quality logos
-About 150 real face
-Adboards, banners, flags and scarfs for every team
-Minifaces for most of the players
-Accurate attributes
-Accurate positions
-Real formations and tactics
-Real Budgets
• 2 Romainian Stadiums: Arena Nationala, Stadion Dinamo
• Romanian refeeres
• Career Mode starts with the season 2014/2015
• Romanian teams in european competitions from the first season
• ScoreBoard & Pop-ups Look TV, DigiSport şi DolceSport for Liga I and Liga II, DigiSport UCL, PRO TV UEL
• Graphics for UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, UEFA SuperCup, Romanian Cup, Romanian SuperCup and Romanian League Cup (balls, addboards, etc.),
• National team updated
• Many other suprises!

Steps for installing RNGP 14:
1. Clean Install of FIFA 14
2. Install RNGP 14 in the main folder of FIFA 14
3. Regenerate with i68 Regenerator: all boxes green; for changing the to green, just click on them. Choose the option: “Take Care Of Edited Files Stored Directly In Folders”. Press GO!
4. Launch FIFA 14. If you have Origin, before launching FIFA 14, select "Go Offline" from the Origin menu.
5. Ceate a New Profile only for RNGP 14.


Luis_Figo – Kitmaker, GUI, Project Leader
Lolo – Kitmaker, GUI
Nesta – Kitmaker, GUI
Alex – Database, Faces, Minifaces, GUI, Vice-leader
Denis – GUI, Chants
zEkkEliCiOuSs – GUI
Vlad Zava – GUI , Stadium – maker
bogdan2013 – GUI,Improvement carrer mode
Twopyx – Stadium Maker, 3D Modeller, Chants
Skat – Site Administration, Promovare
Pustiu – Site Administration, Database
Kevin10 – Site Administratione, Database, Faces
Exmm14 – Faces

Special Thanks:

aNuKe – Faces
Cristian Todean – Stiched logos
Achiles Fifagames – Compdata
Sergiu Ormenisan – Database
David Reis – UEFA Supercup Ball
Rabzyxor – UEFA CL & UEFA EL Balls
2208Binho – Scoreboard & Popups UCL & EL base
Sepak – UEFA CL Tophy
beta990 – FIFA 14 Better Career Patch base
SlimOntario20133 – Start Career Mode In 2014
Rinaldo (Master Tools)
iard68 (i68 Regenerator)
jenkey1002 (File Explorer)
scouser09 (Revolution Mod)


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Dear Twopyx,

Thank you for your response!
I don't mind about the improvements.
All I want is to use Dinamo Stadium in my game.
I have already installed Grazy's patch which contains -among others- and Romanian Liga I.

Could you please upload this stadium's sceneassets ?


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Hello I have a problem in fifa 14 with or without the patch, before I installed Windows 7 again I was perfect and I had no problem and installed this patch v1. How can I solve this problem?