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Revolution Mod 20


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Thanks again for the effort to bring at least some of the wonderful features of RM16 to Fifa 20. I wondered if I might ask about a few additional features:

1. Assigning GK Gloves
2. Assigning accessories and tattoos
3. Assigning Kit Collar/Number and Name Font Type and Color/Kit Color.

I realize that some of this might not be possible or something that you intend to add. I just thought I’d inquire, because it would really expand the capabilities.

Thanks again for everything!


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any solution?



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There was a title update to Fifa 20. Just a heads up that the mod needs to be re-exported. Thanks!


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Exactly what I expected.
In the latest version of the Revolution Mod I had come to have over 1500 more faces. Now it will be possible to convert and use ingame all the faces created and the FIFA editing will come back to life !!!

PS. could you post an example of how you configured the lua file? I am a little rusty after years .. Thanks!
I have a problem,if I use Paul‘s Career Mod ,facemods dont work
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I know this might be out of place and this topic is really pretty old to start again, but is there any way at all to be able to edit lua scripts in fifa 19 too ?

Honestly the game doesn't seem much different from fifa 20 and there's so many people who'd be really considering this a huge opportunity for more players to enjoy cool feautres like swapping team kits.
The community is still alive in fifa 19 but yea it's definitely sucks we don't have something great like that in the game