Request for kits of Bayern Munich


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I want the home kit of Bayern in '96-'97(the Blun-Red one) and the away kit of '98-'99, maybe they're out of date, but I think they're classic, and so far I can't found them in some other FIFA forum, so I really want some one here can do me a favor, thanks in advance!!
Here is the website link for the Bayern Munich kits I mentioned above:


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I managed to do the '96-'97 kit (I beleive this is it). What are the colours of the second kit?
Please test it in the game and tell me if it's good. I haven't tested it.

P.S.: I haven't done the socks... I'm not a good sockmaker.


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Thanks, nice kits, but the socks should be red-white.

I can't upload pictures, I don't know why,it always reads
Upload of file failed."

would you please tell me your e-mail and I'll mail more pictures to you, thanks very much.


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I have sent an e-mail to you to show you some pictures of kits of Bayern Munich,thanks.
If anyone else is intested in making these kits,please tell me your e-mail address.