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[request] FIFA 18 shoes textures

pe pe

Club Supporter
Hello. I am looking for someone who owns FIFA 18 on Origin and is willing to export all boots textures (color, normal and reflex) via Frosty Editor. Unfortunately I missed a chance to buy FIFA 18 while it was still available and now the prices have skyrocketed.

@V.K @Sami 1999 I know this is too much to ask because it means to redownloading whole game. But maybe sometime in the future when you decide to go back to it you would consider exporting those textures? I am not in a hurry :) Thanks.


Club Supporter
That's a specific request for FIFA 18 textures! Hopefully, someone can help you out with that. It's tough when game prices shoot up after missing the initial window. Patience might pay off, and someone might come through for you in the future.

Speaking of textures, have you ever checked out the incredible designs on Nike shoes ? They've got some amazing styles and textures that might interest you, especially if you're into gaming and appreciate unique designs.
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