[REQUEST] Export of FIFA kits

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Is someone able to export all the kits in FIFA 11 and provide it here for the community? It would be a good help for kitmakers and people like me who are currently unable to export all the stuff.
I would then try to make blanco templates for public use, similar to what we had in Kit Design Master 09.

I know the export is a nasty job, but if someone could do it that would be awesome!

Thanks very much to all contributers. :)


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it's a really good idea mate, this will help the kit makers especially the beginners (H)
i had export all the kits sorted with brands import into 3 big archives with rx3 files uncompressed.
As anybody can easily export the textures using Master Jor's FIFA 11 Texture Editor.
When i upload them you can find the links in FIFA 11 kit and brand list thread,
maybe we can also upload some templates with replies in that thread :innocent_smile_1:

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Wow, that's great, thanks a lot, LAVEZZI! (H)

I'll now see what I can do...

btw.. I think the future templates should be named like this: manufracturer_team_part_color.png (e.g. nike_arsenal_shorts_white)