Request a Face Here!!!


Here's the Requests Thread:


- post pictures of the face you want people to make for you.
- provide, if possible, pictures as big as you can find of the player.
- is a good source.


- if you accept to make a face for somebody, please post a link here to your Face's Thread where you're working (or already made) the face.



Starting XI
Can someone please make me a face for the Sevilla starlet Jose Antonio Reyes

thats the best pic I could get, btw in which files are the faces kepted ?


Youth Team
I've got a lot of faces to request, but since I don't know which will be in the full game, I'll give you a player that will definitely not have his own face.
It's canadian international an Hannover 96 midfielder Julian De Guzman. He's only 22 years old (or something) and will become one of the best midfielders in German Bundesliga in the future. believe me, great talent! So cheers for everyone who wants to give him a go...


Youth Team
Could somebody please make Anderlecht's Aruna Dindane? He's a very fast striker with superb dribbling moves. There is a rumour that he will play for ManU next season.



Youth Team
can you make for me 2 faces
ronald breinburg

Carlos tuyp*Tuyp.jpg