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thank you so much, we have been wait for a long time for a tool like this. this is a living scoreboard


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cant execute the program
it says " the execution of the code cant be continue because it wasnt found libglib-.2.0.dll. the problem can be solved reinstaling the program"


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sorry bro, dont work.
the error message dont appear but when I click the program nothing happens


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View attachment 150817

UPDATE (fixed):
Since the Gui version has caused many problems I switched to a console version.

I really was surprised this didn't exist till now! So here it is Scoreboard Manager for FIFA 14. It's a live scoreboard changer that will make FIFA 14 gameplay even better. Basically, what it does is check your next match in career mode and update the scoreboard based on it. Enjoy!

-extract everything inside the SCManager 14 folder to your game folder (\FIFA 14\Game)
-edit scmanager14_config.ini to your likes: [Tournament ID = Folder name of its scoreboard]
(you can get Tournament IDs from creation master 14/15)
-adjust scoreboard files to match names in the scmanager14_config.ini file
-run scmanager14.exe (after you run FIFA 14 and enter player/manager career mode)

-as you can see this is a Beta all feedback is welcomed.
-the SB+PU - UEFA Champions League (2020) is just an example so you understand how to edit the .ini file and where to put scoreboards.



Jenkey1002 for File Loader.
Every Scoreboard Maker out there.
Would you kindly outline an example with a few steps just to give more clarity concerning the editing of the config.ini, Folder IDs & adjusting the scoreboard files? What role does the Fifa14mod folder play in all this? Pardon me asking but I think I'm getting it wrong somewhere.


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Can someone help me with a solution, or what am I doing wrong? I'm selling this