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Region Patch By FIFA Baltic - RELEASED NOW!!!


Club Supporter
myx;2510111 said:
Hello our friends!

Today, FIFA Baltic has released the biggest patch in its history. It contains:

1. Teams, Cups and Leagues:
- Lithuanian A-Lyga 2007, 1-Lyga 2007 and LFF Cup
- Latvian Virsliga 2007 and Latvijas Kauss
- Estonian Mestriiliga 2007 and Eesti Karikas
- Russian Premier League 2008 and Russian Cup
- Ukrainian Vysha Liha 2008 and Ukrainian Cup
- Baltic Cup 2008 and Baltic League 2007
- Channel one cup 2008
- UEFA Euro 2008 Final tournament- Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Belarus NT's
- Baltic XI,Tampere United, Partizan Belgrade, Beitar Yerusalem Teams.

2. Features:
- Accurate fonts and their colours for all teams.
- Accurate minikits, 2gk kits, logos, banners, flags(except Russia).
- Home, Away and GK kits for all teams.
- Updated Russia,Ukraine,Poland and Finland NT's logos
- 3 New stadiums:
Dariaus ir Gireno Sporto Centro Stadionas (Kaunas, Lithuania)
Skonto Stadions i Halle (Riga, Latvia)
A Le Coq Stadion (Tallin, Estonia)
- New Adidas Europass
- Hidden Santiago Bernabéu (Madrid, Spain) stadium:

3. Install:
1) Run BRPvol1.exe
2) Follow instructions to install
3) Rebuild FIFA.FAT
4) Play game!

4. Credits:
Main author Mykolas Adamavicius aka Myx,
with most valuable help from: Bezjohnis and Calvarez

TripleOpcion for very good Crvena and Shaktar kits!
MonkeyDragon for his turf and gloves!
FORZA for absolutely fantastic minikit job!
nick_son for those great Russian league minikits!
RobertD_PL for help and support collecting stadiums!
Roman for those sweet flagpacks you made!
FOKA for those realy awesome adboards!
MikkieUA and D@vid for great Ukrainian flags!
aleXP93 his superb packs with logos, banners and flags!
Simo_yes and Darxx for logos!
FOKA and Roman for advertise they made for our patch!
Lord spawn and makispla for king fonts!
Rinaldo for those magic Creation Master and File Master tools!
Filefront for hosting files

AND ALL FIFA Community with fans who support our work!!!

Have Fun playing it! Help, support and discusions on http://forums.fifabaltic.com or by email [email protected]

5. Screens:

Is there a chance of a new download link that works.(fifa08 is the best fifa that works on my PC)