Recently started with/got back to FIFA 19? Here's what might help you.

Discussion in 'FIFA 18 Forum' started by MarcoPollox, Oct 24, 2018.

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    So, I recently got interested in FIFA again, and 19 being the latest release and me being out of the loop for soooo long (don't ask) made me do some research so I won't start being completely clueless about what's going on.

    - First of all, I watched some streamers on twitch so I can get a hold of the general idea behind the "modern" FIFA. Because what I remember was - pass, pass, shoot, goal! It's not that anymore. I learned a couple of things like game mechanics and stuff.

    - I watched a whole bunch of videos on youtube, from trading to free kicks to training and everything. Here's a playlist with youtube videos that helped me quite a lot: I know it's a bit long but trust me, spending 1 hour to learn the basics of the game by watching videos before you actually get into it is not a lot.

    - Be patient, not every move you have imagined in your head will happen on screen. You will make a lot of mistakes in the beginning but you should not rage out for no reason; people learn from their mistakes.

    - It's not Ronaldo's or Neymar's fault that you haven't learned how to shoot or take free kicks properly. Swearing at the TV/computer screen will make you lose the next game too.

    - Practice as much as possible. Find a friend who has some spare time, even if he is a complete noob just have some fun and practice some moves that you like.

    - Find your play style. You wanna go all out on attack? Feeling aggressive? Everything can be sorted out by choosing the right formation.

    Relax and have some fun, it's just a game - and it's a really cool one. You will enjoy it, it's pretty competitive, we do a lot of wagers with my friends and I usually end up paying for beers and chips but who cares, I will get to the point where I own everybody (eventually).


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