quries on fifa 12 carreer mode


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i wanted to knw if the players ranking goes down? for eg according to fifa 12 mata's rating is 85 if i make him play in my team n just use normal skills i.e, without any advance skill, will it effect my players?
2) presently i have made some changes in my current team by goin to edit team option n then transferring some player to my team, will these player leave my team upon starting the career mode?

i would also appreciate ur opinion/ tips to play in this career mode

thank you


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Ya dude it depends on the player. Mata will grow i think, while players like drogba will decrease. You can check by googling"mata fifa 12" open the sofifa site. If the overall and potential are same, he will go down. Otherwise only growth will happen.
Found a dude playing fifa 12 after a long time :)