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Quality 1G Goalkeeperkits wanted! (Crash solution!)


Reserve Team
Well i only have crash problems with some teams after installing 2G kits, and it's the same teams that caused trouble in FIFA 04.

I noticed that if just one of the teams only have a 1G goalkeeper kit the game dosen't crash.

The teams i have trouble with are AC Milan, Inter Milan, Barza, Valencia, Juve, Roma , Real Madrid....

The strange thing is that i can play those Teams with full 2G kits against another team with full 2G kits and it works fine, but loading Real-Barza or Milan-Inter ect. it crashes!

SOOO! I (And hopefully many others!) would be glad for some quality 1G Goelkeeper kits for those teams. I know they are there in the first place... but u know EA kits! :sb9:


Reserve Team
Bacically it seems that i can't play spanish and italian team against each other in full 2G glory... But every othe combination works fine...


Reserve Team
Well actually the resized kit's don't look that bad.... especially if the original kit is very detailed... it's only the Goalkeeper kit after all... :p


Senior Squad
i can post all the 1gk kits out here if u want me to cuz i'm gonna extract ea's kits using kit raptor and post it.


Reserve Team
Thanks...but don't bother.... I just reduce the goalkeeper kits for those team with50% ...they still look mutch better than the original kit (H)