QPR Next English Juggernaut?


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Queens Park Rangers could be set for a future lined with success and silverware as the London club continue their January spending spree.

Rangers have already signed Akos Buzsaky, Matthew Connolly, Hogan Ephraim and Patrick Agyemang from Plymouth Argyle, Arsenal, West Ham and Preston respectively. QPR are also poised to sign experienced Premier League players Fitz Hall and Rowan Vine. Ex-Aston Villa keeper Stefan Postma is in line to join along with Argentine winger Rusculleda.

The majority of the signings made by Luigi De Canio have been Premier League quality, making the R's a force to be reckoned with. Spurs winger Wayne Routledge could be making a short but permanent trip to Loftus Road along with Shifty ****tu of Watford and Martin Taylor of Birmingham City. QPR have also brought in classy central midfielder Gavin Mahon on loan from Watford.

The money behind these transfers belong to F1 tycoons Bernie Eccelstone and Flavio Briatore with steel magnate Lakshi Mittale also holding a stake at the club. The club is potentially the richest side in world football with three billionares owning a stake.

The R's are utilising the money and are clearly using the right tactics as the side are moving north in the Championship table. Wins over Colchester Utd, Watford and Leicester City mean that in four games the club have moved five places, from 23rd to 18th. People will argue that money isn't everything in football and I agree but it does mean an awful lot.

Just look at Chelsea. They did still have an impressive history but when Roman Abramovich's millions came along they started to get places in Europe and England. Two titles on the trot and Champions League semi-finals show that the bank is an important factor in footballing success. Now think about the transfers possible with BILLIONS to spend.

I think that by the end of next season at most, QPR will be a top-flight team again and by then the club will be able to buy any player they could possibly want. Rangers do still have a long tough road to get there but at least now it's possible.

Queens Park Rangers have signed players capable of ripping up the Championship and if the players live up to expectations and potential, success is sure to come.

* Someone else wrote this, not mine.

NOW lets see
Lakshmi Mittal NET WORTH ($32 Billion (US) ) * Net worth increased by 19 billion in 2007
Bernie Ecclestone. NET WORTH ($4 Billion (US)
Flavio Briatore ($2 Billion (US)

Yes , thats right you got THREE BILLIONAIRES behind the club now. Now look at this, analysts have rated the club as the Second richest club in Europe (all that credit is basically b/c of Mittal )

MY OPINION: 5 Years, they will cause problems, I do believe if they put those resources to good use, they'll be in the C.L


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Horatiu;2463743 said:
So... you made this thread to tell us you have become a QPR fan?

no...you might tho.... put in your thoughts on the subject or dip up outta herrree


oh I can see the headlines right now: "QPR signs Messi."

really, who cares? when they win the premier league let me know..


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"They will be in the CL in 5 years, but right now they are more concerned about saving their place in the Championship" :crazyboy:


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Shifty ****tu :D

They are pulling away from relegation so no problems there, they are becoming a massive team but i doubt they will do anything remarkable in the Premiership(if they get promoted.....)

Wigan is a different story btw


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It'd probably help if people over 5'8" could attend a match at Loftus Road. All-Seating really ****ed that place up.


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I think it depends on how quickly they can get out of the Championship. You could sign Ronaldinho and he wouldn't get the time and space to play in that league. Throwing money at it doesn't work. If they are still there in 3 years or something, the owners will get bored.


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I think he has a point, but no offence mate, you're not really saying anything we didn't already know.

Still, will be interesting to see how QPR do.


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If anything I think QPR will mirror Fulham's rise in the mid 90's. Even with all the money in the world, QPR will need years to set up the infrastructure needed (and to move from Loftus Road). Chelsea were already a huge club with a well setup team and youth structure before Abramovich bought them. Also Chelsea were well known and attracted players because of their recent success. QPR have nothing like the appeal as yet.

To be brutally honest, I can't see them breaking into the Premiership for at least 2-3 years and as for titles - 10 maybe 15 before they're even top six.


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I think that even with all that money behind the club, there will still be many top class players who won't be thrilled with the prospect of signing for QPR, as they are simply not a big name club. I can see them getting to the Premiership and being able to finish in the top 10, but challenging for the title in many years to come could be a very tough task!


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the more decent but not good enough to really compete teams the better for me. Plus just pointing out the obvious, but their name is Queens Park Rangers, that alone's good enough to cheer for them over Birmingham City or Bolton.

and it would be nice to be in high school possibly in a couple years time seeing nostalgic 14 yr old americans going "yah man, QPR they're teh sh!t, they're gonna own Manchest United this season blah blah"