Problem with manager mode i need some help


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ok i think the problem come if you edit the english leagues. I have download a new database and i want to edit new after i finish the same problem. before that i had a problem too. after the cup final the game load to 75 and crashes. thanks for help


Youth Team
As i said before,if u want to play manager mood for 15 long seasons then ur database have to be ultraperfect and there shouldnt have any player above the birthdate of 1990..and dont import any patch because they r made for tournament mood not for manager mood...try to update ur database by ur own from original fifa.db using creation master or by using db master


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The same Problem in Manager Mode of FIFA 07 i think
But Every time i create a new league with Creation Master 07, (Moroccan league or any new league that's not already in the game), i face a crush at the end of season while I'm moving to the next season ! what i have to do ?

mohamed tharwat

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please,i want to know how can i remove any player from fifa 2007 to solve the problem of manager mode?
any help please
but i want to add, that iam setup patch 2014 to fifa 2007 So, do I have to delete it?