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PLF Data - for DAta FReakS!!!!!!!!


Club Supporter
@Vian, no read the first post. It's last thing and it brings great reasons why we're better off leaving 05/06 season to WE9 and later games as any minute after release, patches/data will be old as new transfers have happened and clubs wont sign replacements for ones they've sold in game like in real life.

@gilla, which system are you using this on?? I don't have that problem or the edit mode one. Perhaps you did something wrong otherwise i would have heard something about it in my 23 page thread on evo-web.


Club Supporter
lol yea this only changes database of game. Nothing graphical except seeing your player act like real life of course and have same fat BELLY in real life as in game hahaha.. i put a vid of that up in evo-web thread.. if you guys want to see.. i'll show here later.


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Okay talked to 4-5 people who have been using Xbox version and none had any problems. They said everything is working just fine so i'm happy to hear that.


Youth Team
First thanks to Sinashgh for THE best PES4 option file around. :rockman:

gilla2 said:
but apart from stats why is players playing out of position and why do players in edit mode are not found in their correct team i.e rooney @ Real Madrid

I think this and your other problems are related to you not having the correct para_we8 file in your 0_text.afs file.

The correct para_we8 file is supplied with the option file you just need to insert it in to your 0_text.afs file with AfsExplorer (you might have to increase the reserved space). And then all the players will be at the right clubs in ML and Edit Mode.



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Thanks man, I really do appreciate replies like that instead of just downloading and never posting because it helps with future decisions anywyas.

For example before posting here I was told by some not to bother. They told me SG forums are just an AFTER thought of FIFA and not as crowded and as interested in PES/WE games so probably wouldn't have much interest in a DATA patch only.

But I was thinking this **** is gold.. and even if 3-4 other ppl can get it and be informed this way.. it's worth it and they'll be happier so i posted and now not regreting as there was actually quite a bit of interest on here. :)