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Discussion in 'FIFA 10 Forum' started by regularcat, Jan 24, 2010.

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    here at sg, we have forums broken down into sub forums.

    these sub forums are named what they are named for a reason.

    everyday, i come here to look at peoples works in the individual forums, & noticed when i was looking for a thread in the mods forum that i had to sift through help threads to find the mod thread.

    the help threads belong in the support forum.


    the fifa 10 forum (general)
    the fifa 10 editing forum (kits, faces, mods)
    the support forum (help)
    the consoles forum

    the fifa 10 forum is for whatever, talking about the games needs, ideas to make the game better, etc.

    the editing forum is for the viewing of peoples works that have been made for fifa 10.

    the editing sub forums for kits & faces are for the exact same purpose.
    obviously kits for kits + minikits & faces for faces + minifaces.

    the mods forum is for mods that have been released or are currently under construction.

    the support forum is for exactly what it says its for, support & help when having issues w/ fifa 10 or certain mods.

    so lets use the forums for what they are for.

    if you have mods, kits or faces we post them in the correct forum.
    if you have an issue where you need help, USE THE SUPPORT FORUM !

    we all know the search function sucks, lets not make it harder for us to find what we are looking for by creating threads in the wrong forums.

    sounds simple right ?
    well guess what it really is that simple.

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