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Hi guys I'm new and I've come in need of some help!

i was just wondering, i wanted to see how different it would make it by making your players better in the edit mode, but iv come across some problems and don't know how to solve them!

I want to play as Norwich City(theres a story behind why i have them) but when i have come to editing some of the players, and then save it and go onto the manager mode and select Norwich it doesn't have them as a team i can manage, is there any reason for this? and if i could change it so i CAN play as this team in Manager mode!:bob:

All help will gladly accepted!:bouncy:

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well, in fifa06 you can't select the best teams in your first season. so i guess you improved your norwich players so much that this made it a four or even five star team. and then you can't select it anymore, just like you can't select chelsea or milan.


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Rebelgirl;2259183 said:
okay thanks for the help! i guess ill just have to play as another team again!

Hi, You could also try editing the lineups (links from the main menu) and put the best players in reserves or as subs. The star calculations are based on the starting 11. Then start a new career and see if it helps.