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hi, ive been searching around and im pretty new to editing pes and i have the wolf patch as well as a polish league patch and ive noticed im missing a few kits and a few are out missng man united and tottneham and a few other random kits i dont know if its because they are replaced for the polish league teams but it would be sweet if someone could make a patch that has updated new kits or EVERY team in the game....that was relitively easy to install....i dont know why no one has done it yet it seems like such a good well as updated rosters as players move around fairly often you dont see many updated rosters for the whole game.....anyway any links or info would be good...thanks..

P.S sorry if what im asking for already exsists but ive spent nearly all night looking around and couldnt find anything except for this Kit Server thing but im not sure what that is exactly....



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You are correct. Absolutely nobody has made any patches updating transfers and kits. Not ever. Certainly aren't any links to them on the first page of this forum or anything. It would be nice if it happened one day, I guess we can only hope.


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come on dude just look, there are about 4-5 links on the first page alone with links to kit patches, roster patches up to date as about a week ago, and more. do you know theres an editing forum? would it hurt to sort through the posts for a few minutes? :)

here i'll make it even easier for you. even though there are not too many 100% kit patches, there are lots of kits around here.

English Premier League 05/06 Kits - ( compiled by smokester, most made by JJ)

Rosters, Flags (submitted to the maker), and appearences (made by smokester, some are not his work but submitted to him) -

This is waht you are lookign for, it has mostly updated the EPL, but there are a few European Leagues updates.


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JJ hasn't released a final kit update so phoenix patch is not 100% but its pretty much acurate...

couldnt find anything except for this Kit Server thing but im not sure what that is exactly....
of course u have to use kitserver.. your problem lies there ;)


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nice to see my links are getting around, just to add. i'm working on a new option file. and i could make a 100% kit pack. but i myself cannot make kits. and finding them all is almost impoosible. specially anderlecht

btw ... my new option file will be called.

Del Lobo Overthewall-o :o)


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anderlecht... made by kEL

however he seems to have removed them ;)

you wanna team up for a roster patch later on? maybe for PES5 or a "final" one for pes4? lol i guess i can take it if your a pool fan :)


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you dont have to join. most of the site is freely viewable. and it's free to join anyway. just so your logged in. thats all it's for.