Player Ratings


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the player ratings in this game a just DISGUSTING im sure sum of you wont belive sum of teh ratingw wen i tell u sum of them........

ROONEY- 91/100 shot power is maxed out....should be a 86/100

ADRIANO- 91/100 adrianos shot power should be maxed not rooney

KAKA- 64/100 that is a joke kaka is an elite player and in my opinion better then rooney

CRESPO- 42/100 crespo is also an elite player should be in the 80s

RIVALDO- 35/100 now im not even gonna comment this its self explanatory

ZE ROBETO- 20/100 horrible

GILARDINO- 30/100 gilardino is ruling serie A he emazing he should be in the high 70s

PIRES- 70/100 should be a 79 or 80

BUFFON- 81/100 is considered best keeper in the world so he shoud be 90 cuz ther is no keeper at all that is in 90

CISSE- 55/100 cisse is underated in the world he should be in the 80s

WILTORD- 37/100 he is killing champs league and french league he shoudl be 76

CAFU- 55/100 shud be a 83 and get his looks right EA

EA focused only on big name players this game lik the brazil squad only the famous ppl are good the rest SUCK in the game get ur act 2gethor EA


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I agree also, Rivaldo a a 35, okay he's not young but KMON!!!!!!Atleast a high 70 or sumtin.


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i don agree, i feel that while playing through a career a 64 is good, kaka may have a very poor tackl, therefore bringing his overall down

i do agree wit the rooney and adriano though


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The ratings should be detailed in the first place like having stats for passing and strength etc. I don't noticed much difference anyway with ratings apart from shooting and speed.


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yeah agreed.. and also, adu=68 while kaka=64, ok adu is very young and very talented, but kaka is WAY better!!