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Player Ratings Question


Youth Team
In FIFA 10 PC, I have a question about the player ratings display shown below:

in that screenshot, that player is listed as a 74/74 when i select him and view his rating through Team Management > Edit My Squads.

but then when i actually go to play the match, and i select that player prior to the start of the match it is listed as 71/74. what causes that rating to drop for some players but not others? some players listed as 72/72 in team management is also 72/72 when you play the match.

for some players the rating drops further throughout the match. like one player started the match 87/87 but then by the 2nd half he was 73/87. while other players stay the same rating throughout the match. (even if they are tired and depleted of stamina)

i know in some ea games the player rating goes up or down depending on the player's performance during a match. (ncaa football games on ps2 for example) but in fifa 10 pc, this rating only seems to decrease, and only for some players and i don't understand why. it doesn't seem to be tied to how tired they are, because many players ratings don't change even if they have low stamina at the end of the match. the answer might be obvious but i'm not sure what it is.