Player Progression


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I'm lookin to buy this game, can anyone tell me if players progress as the years go on in Career mode, ala Madden 2004, if you've played that. One of the biggest rewards I feel is turning a youngster world class and having that reflect into his qualities. THanks.


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A player develops if you invest on him, but at a painfully slow rate. Besides, career mode gives you only 5 years to work with. You may turn a sorry player into a decent one, but not much more than that, cuz it becomes more expensive to train him, when his rating goes up. i.e. I trained cannavaro (77) into 84 with 3 plus years of intensive individual training. I couldn't train him more, because it costs me ungodly amount of prestige points to do hat.
BTW, it's pretty ridiculous that cannavaro is rated only 77 in this game. No non-goalkeeper can block the ball like cannavaro does...EA should have watched the Italy's worldcup match against Mexico, as cannavaro single-handedly denied late surge by Mexico. But then again, what does EA know about soccer?