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I'm new to modding FIFA but I dived in a little bit already and created 2 mods.

Player Career Access Team Management And Edit Kit Numbers

Adds a tile in the main hub which lets you access the team management and kit numbers in your player career + fixes the missing inbox shortcut with Y-Button

This mod is adding a tile in the main hub to make team management as well as Edit Kit Numbers accessible in a player career.
Third and fourth tile after standings.
2020-08-21 10_22_32-Window.png
2020-08-21 10_23_16-Window.png

Modification of the team works, but be aware: the manager AI can adapt the starting XI again!

Update: You can change formation and tactics and it seems to always stick. AI apparently only changes the players to fit the formation and nothing else.

Main reason for me to make this mod:
  • Team Management:
    A player career where a striker was placed as a right winger for no apparent reason. He was the best central striker on team with highest OVR.

  • Edit Kit Numbers:
    Multiple times it happened that my player joined a team and some other player had the same kit number - usually you got another kit number and had to change it in your pro settings later
    • the check for already used kit numbers which still worked in Fifa 19 has apparently been removed in Fifa 20 onward
    • by using the Edit Kit Numbers tile you can fix that yourself and your player and another player don't use the same kit number on the pitch anymore.
Test with the mod activated was successful:
  • Switching the player was successful, and the player now stays in the central striker position.
  • Changing kit numbers works as in manager career with automatic usage of free kit numbers.
  • No conflicts with paulv24k Career Realism Mod 1.6.10
Known "flaws" (which I can live with):
  • It seems to be not possible to put yourself on the bench or out of the starting XI if the manager already decided that he wants you to play. As soon as you put yourself out of the starting XI and save the AI places you back in.
  • I couldn't find the screen for "pre-kickoff", where you can also access team management when playing as manager. So pre-kickoff you can not access team management with this mod (yet). Only between games in the main hub.


- the mod also fixes the missing shortcut to the inbox via the Y-Button on the controller. Highly annoying if you are used to it from the manager career. Finally I feel relief :)
2020-08-21 10_23_32-Window.png

Player Career Realistic Transfer+Loan Request

Changes the acceptance possibilities if you request a loan or transfer. The fifth request is treated as a demand.


Due to the fact that EA missed out on making real contracts (which can also end) for manager or player career I wanted to fix the problem you have as player when you want to switch club. Even after the fifth request the possibility of acceptance was pretty low in my opinion. This causes that you are maybe stuck too long at a club.
If a player wants to leave a club in reality he usually finds a way. This was my approach to make it a little less complicated.

Please give me feedback on how this works for you. I did not test it immensely!

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