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Photothread 10

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The Legend
here I open photothread,please colaborate with all facemakers with good pics

Vladimir Stojkovic - Bosko Jankovic - Ivica Dragutinovic - Milan Jovanovic - Nenad Milijas -

Luis Fabiano

Martin Palermo

Carlos Tevez


Fan Favourite
great, I have another idea. can we update the first page and put the names and page of good pictures which will come in future, that will really help facemakers to find staff easier and avoid reposts.


Fan Favourite
yes, so I and you will do it, and since you'll get busy with your face projects, I'll help more.


Starting XI
мя. sιпιsтαн™;2734259 said:
Glen Johnson
(please tell me how to make it appear small)

u can make them seems small using a code like this one (u have to quote this post in order to see the code)

edit: this is the code but i dont know why it doesn't appear :S
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