PES 2019 All National Teams Patch V5.0 PC


Hello. As I wrote ANT Patch V3.0 for PES 2019 on PC by Me and Mars92 as co-authors is available to download on Evo-Web and PES Gamming communities. It is a basic version... the V3.0 of our ANT mod.

There is an alternative version of V3.0 I made by 02.03.2020. There are some differences for example in soundtrack and other things. If somebody wants before V4.0 will be released here in 1 post on 1 page... in the meantime I can share also this alternative V3.0 of our ANT mod for PES 2019 on PC. Then write to me here directly by a private message.

This new and next and also the last ANT Patch V4.0 for PES 2019 on PC as giant update is in plan to be released in year 2021. Greetings and thanks for supporting the ANT projects for football games PES and FIFA series :)!
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