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pepakuramasta Faces

Discussion in 'FIFA 16 Faces Forum' started by pepakuramasta, Apr 11, 2017.

  1. pepakuramasta

    pepakuramasta Youth Team

    i want to make him, but cannot find any HD photo of him :(

    Thank you very much mate, much appreciated


    My pleasure, i use them too in my career mode too :p
  2. Boleiro

    Boleiro Senior Squad

    Mondragora it's very much like Chadli. guy,why do not you use this photo?
    release the other faces, please.

  3. pepakuramasta

    pepakuramasta Youth Team

    maybe i'll try, give him some beard or something

    Dawid Kownacki - Lech Poznan


  4. Boleiro

    Boleiro Senior Squad

    very good Kownacki!! release your faces please guy!
  5. pepakuramasta

    pepakuramasta Youth Team

  6. deko23

    deko23 Senior Squad

    Thank you very much,mate! Very nice facepack! ;-)
  7. Boleiro

    Boleiro Senior Squad

    thank you guy!! but release Ontiveros,Kanatsizkus and Krovinovic please.
  8. VooEss

    VooEss New Member

    Great Kownacki mate! Please make Alena,Palencia,Ortola and Cucurella :)
  9. raulgir

    raulgir Club Supporter

    Hi mate,
    Any news on your last facepack?
    Hope all is ok there and we can enjoy soon you last creations.

    Cheers for your work
  10. Turan

    Turan Club Supporter


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