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Hello friends! I want to ask all FIFA editors if there is a possibility to unlock in Tournament Modes the customization option for Lock To Player just like you can choose in Career Mode. Is it possible to edit that from Cheat Table or Editor Tool?



In this way, you could play the World Cup or the Qualifiers towards the World Cup with mods, or the Champions League, among other tournaments, but using only one player on the playing field.

It would be like captaining your team from previous FIFAs. I usually play that way with friends, in Career Mode, each picking a single player from the starting 11.

I wait an answer! Hopefully it can be edited!


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@paulv2k4 can you make the FIFA Modding Tool you made for FIFA 21 also make for FIFA 20 please?.

If you can i want to give a donate for the hard work.

Because the Frosty tool is not working well since the EA App
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