pao4ever's now and then creations


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Hey guys, sorry for not releasing anything lately, but I've kinda lost my motivation. It occured that my wife has to make a sergury at her eyes and a lot of money are needed. So neither the brain not the time to have something done regarding FIFA, I'm sorry
oh my god,no need to say sorry master.Please look after your wife,you work??


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thank you for the supporting words guys, I really appreciate it. I am a farmer, a profession that faces huge difficulties nowadays in this condamned country

Ah mate Im so sorry I hope your wifes surgery is ok and i wish i had so much money i could help you :( Stay strong mate itll be ok.


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Haha thank you mate, your words are better than money ;) I'm pretty sure nowadays there are a very few people that might own that amount of money needed

Deutsche Löwe

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Puma Future 2.1 Netfit - Colour Shift/Biscay Green/Ouma Black

Hello Pao4ever !!!, congratulations, always fantastic your works.... can you upload those boots in, please ?


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Hey guys. I'm now at holidays. But I was thinking of making the new nike Phantom model, if I manage to steal some free time. I know how much you might want it, so I was thinking it would worth the effort

I was gonna work on that texture next - I've just finished a couple of boots so if they test ok then I'll be free to help if I can although to be honest after working on your AMAZING Puma Future and Adidas X models you will be far more advanced than me - but I do try:\