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overlays - Ingame popups and scoreboard files


Youth Team
Cesc Fabregas;2953719 said:
@ bassio

Well, all texture parts have a hex value to have a position on the screen and I just
mean an editor which reads out this values with all texture parts to have the
scoreboard graphic we can see ingame fully (easier to edit) and not only the small
texture files - all texture files merged.
Hope you understand now what I mean :D

Ajax-Vak410;2953720 said:
that you dont have to click the next button to see the next texture the big file
but that it shows all textures at once inside example overlay_2.big

if thats possible

and offcourse what Cesc says above ;)

mmmmm, Now I understood, but it seems too difficult !

Ajax-Vak410;2954291 said:
anyone already found out wich scoreboard belongs to wich league ??

It is easy, just play a friendly with a team in each league and you will know :tongue:


Club Supporter
Just an idea, but maybe it's possible to add more scoreboards, so that every league in the game has it's own scoreboards/popups.
I don't know if there is a file where the boards are assigned to a league....


Club Supporter
So this is a bit of a necro here, but was wondering if there was any more progress on this or if I'm missing another thread or something. I'd be willing to help out with the graphic end of this if I knew what to edit, although I haven't spent much time looking into the files so I might figure it out in the near future.