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Overlay Emporium - Theory and Practice of Scoreboards, Pop-ups and Wipes


Youth Team
Dear Soccergaming Community,

as interest is growing in this topic and my general graphics thread gets a bit confusing I decided to open this new one.
I intend to create an index for all my so far created scoreboards to make search easier, post new creations and collect and summarize knowledge on overlays and wipes in this one thread.

You will not only find the creation tutorial (hopefully soon updated and cleaned up a bit) but topics on what possibilites exist to use them and what their pros and cons are.

My genreal graphics thread will be kept for any other kind of graphics.

So enjoy.

PS: check out the threads of @nikolapfc89, @RHZhang and @Murillo 14 for other great scoreboards and a lot of useful information.
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Youth Team
Tutorial about how to make scoreboards and pop-ups in six languages.

The description you find here, and the files can be downloaded from this mediafire folder.

Two topics have not been researched at that time of writing the description therefore here some comments and links:

1. Fonts: This is a a more complex issue and no satisfying solution has been found till today. As fonts have different types of offsets they are driven by, and have quite restricted values. A bit more detailed here and here

The only "solution" so far I know is replacing the EA fonts but that would effect everything in the game. It is a relevant way for special patches, like EURO or World Cup as there the whole design is made for one special tournament.

2. Crests: here two mehtods were found

One by @RHZhang. This is a very elegant and sophisticated method not effecting any other aspects of your game. You will find it in his MLS Scoreboard. Check out the post before and after for more explanation.

The other one is a bit clumsy but working very well with all methods of installing/changing pop-ups. I explained it in detail in connection with World Cup Qualifiers and UEFA Nations League in this post.
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Youth Team
Some notes on the index:
Each overlay set will be marked with either the confederation if for an international or the country if for a national tournament.
I will distinguish among three generations, which reflect my personal development on this topic. Generation 1 will be those where I only new about few hexes for text recoloring. Generation 2 will be those where I new about some positions as well so could be more flexible. And last Generation 3 where I "created" my own basic set of overlays and achieved so far the biggest flexibility.
(Note: for gen1 and gen2 scoreboards you might need this file to avoid crashes: overlay_9024)

EA Original Scorboard as backup:
Premier League

International Tournaments:
AFC - Asian Cup 2023 Qualifiers (gen3)
AFC - Asian Cup Qatar 2023 (gen3)
AFC - Women's Asian Cup Inida 2022 (gen3)
CAF - Africa Cup of Nations Cote d'Ivoire '23 (gen3)
CONCACAF - Gold Cup 2023 (gen3)
CONCACAF - Nations League (gen3)
CONMEBOL - Copa America 2021 (gen2)
FIFA - Women's World Cup AUNZ 2023 (gen3)
FIFA - World Cup 2022 (gen3)
FIFA - World Cup 2022 Qualifiers (AFC, CAF, CONCACAF, CONMEBOL, OFC, UEFA) (Gen3)
FIFA - World Cup 2022 Qualifiers ver 2 (with correct flags) (gen3)
UEFA - EURO 2020 (gen1)
UEFA - Nations League (gen3)
UEFA - Friendlies (gen3)
UEFA - Women's EURO 2022 (gen3)

International Club Competitions:
AFC - AFC Cup (gen3)
AFC - Champions League (gen3)
CAF - Champions League (gen3)
CAF - Confederation Cup (gen3)
CONCACAF - Scotiabank Champions League (gen 3)
CONCACAF - Scotiabank CONCACAF League (gen 3)
CONMEBOL - Libertadores (gen3)
CONMEBOL - Sudamericana (gen3)
CONMEBOL - Recopa (gen3)
UEFA - Champions League (gen3)
UEFA - Conference League (gen2)
UEFA - Conference League update (gen3)
UEFA - Europa League (gen2)
UEFA - Europa Leauge update (gen3)
UEFA - Super Cup (gen1)

GERMANY - Sat1 Ran Bundesliga '90s (gen3)
Classic Pack (gen 1) includes: World Cup 1994, World Cup 2010, World Cup 2014, World Cup 2018, EURO 2016
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Youth Team
Some words about the methods Scoreboards can be used:

Manual way:
-you manually copy the relevant files into data/ui folder. If you want to change them you simply replace the files before starting the match by switching out and back to the game. No complete restart of FIFA 16 is necessary.

there are some versions of Switcher programs in different patches (here an example).
A subfolder is created where you have your different themes and/or scoreboards-overlays. You can choose any of them before starting a match. Just select from the list and hit import/ok.
Scoreboards load without problems, menus may need a restart of FIFA 16.

CG File Server by Shawminator:
for detailed instructions check the thread, here you will only have an overview.

This is my favorite method, because it makes the same as the above procedures, but once set up it goes automatically. No need of leaving FIFA 16. You can assign scoreboards, TV logos, Intro Movies to different tournaments (and stadiums!)
The disadvantage is that it "only" works in tournament and career mode, not in kick-off mode.

What happens exactly?
When the graphics are correctly assigned CGFS takes the ones from the subfolders described below and overwrites the ones in your data folder. (This means as well that the last graphics used with CGFS will be used in case you play without CGFS the next time)

By installing you get 5 new folders in your FIFA 16 directory:

FSW - these are by default the FIFA 16 generic graphics. These files are used in kick-off mode and for all tournaments without any assignment. If you are a fan of Europa League for example you can put the UEL Scoreboard here. This will be than used in kick-off mode. BUT as well for all tournaments without a scoreboard.

MoviesGBD - here you keep your intro movies (while match is loading) in VP8 format with a bumper file (this is the static screen after the video is finished). Each tournament has its own folder with two files in it: bootflowoutro.vp8 and bumper.big

TVLogosGBD - here you keep your TV Logos in big format. You create one folder for each tournament. You can put several logos in one folder and CGFS is switching among them randomly. I did it with several countries. Ex Greece where you have Cosmote Sports 1-6.

ScoreBoardGBD - this contains the files for your overlay sets. Again each tournament has its own subfolder. This subfolder is basically an alternative data/ui folder. So anything (like crests, fonts, minikits, tifos) that is driven by the "ui" folder can be altered with it as well, not just pop-ups and scoreboards. More detailed explanation here.

StadiumGBD - is for stadium assignment (team, tournament, tournament stage, etc) but this is not part of this topic.

Additional Programs by GhostFIFA:

TV Logo Changer: only changes TV Logos. Put your PNG Image in the appropriate folder and you can assign them one by one before the start of the match.

TV Scoreboard Changer: only changers Scoreboards. Put your overlay_9002.big in the appropriate folder and you can assign them one by one before the start of the match
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Youth Team
CONCACAF Champions League:

Contains overlays, wipe, intro movie and TV Logo:


Youth Team
And although decomissioned as the design is same with only small changes:
Scotiabank CONCACAF Leage:



Youth Team
IRELAND - SSE Airtriticty Leauge Pop-ups, Wipe and TV Logo



Youth Team
CAF Champions League Pop-ups and Wipe


The pack includes two knock-out tree files (overlaycomponent_70.big). One with semi-final only as this format is used in FIP. Another with quarterfinals like in real life. Please rename accordingly.


Youth Team
CAF Confederation Cup Pop-ups and Wipe


The pack includes two knock-out tree files (overlaycomponent_70.big). One with semi-final only. Another with quarterfinals like in real life. Please rename accordingly.
Wipe needs Tournament ID


Youth Team
CANADA - Premier League Pop-ups, Wipe and TV Logo:



Youth Team
MEXICO - Liga BBVA MX Pop-ups, Wipe and TV Logo


Murillo 14

Club Supporter
MEXICO - Liga BBVA MX Pop-ups, Wipe and TV Logo

I just wanted to start with this one, I guess that's it!


Youth Team
UNITED STATES - USL Championship Pop-ups, Wipe and Movie



Youth Team
UNITED STATES - USL League One Pop-ups, Wipe and Movie