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idap1224;3162522 said:
Well... U are maybe right, but... I don't understand your attitude which is, I must admit, a bit arrogant. If it's not acceptable connection why do I have green "Latency" indicator. Or is it that EA servers are made just for high UL speeds??? If U don't have the right answer don't make people who are asking for help to feel like they are a piece of s... . Maybe guys from "most hated country in the world" forgot that we are all just passengers on this Earth.
OK, I'll write a rest of my statement tomorrow when I get sober...

what are you mumbling about ?

you may have a green latency meter because the player you are playing is close to you so the latency is lower & anytime you are connected to the server idle online the meter is always green.

i dont care how he feels, fact is fact & you can whine all you want about it but nothing will change it except a better internet plan, period.