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Hey master! Thank you soo much for all of your efforts and don't worry i love it. I know it is not easy as you have mentioned that there are not much enough real women faces to make it easier, but i really like it. It is 10000x better as the sh*tty generic faces of FIFA. Thank you again for wasting time for this. RESPECT!
She has new face scan mate.


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Jovic to Real Madrid is now official! Time for that young man to get a proper FIFA face :)

Jovic - Change Head Asset ID to 210047


DidoOo Vamos

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Hi man, rly love your work,and i know it takes alot of time so, if u r free maybe u could do de jong because i think every one signs him


Club Supporter there anyone can convert many faces from fifa 20 to fifa 19?
i need 5 faces..please help me..thanks