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I've got a big problem in fifa 12.
there's a bug in the offside-regulation.
if i'm playing the ball with a wide pass and one player of me is offside but an other player gets the ball the offical says offside and the offside-line is by the player who hasn't got the ball.
does anybody have this bug too?
lg cliff


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I've seen a few strange offside calls... I've been meaning to record my matches in fraps so I can upload the weird calls to youtube.


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those thigns are not bugs.
if you play manager mod you've gonna noticed the protests of players caught in the non-existing offside.


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the most time i saw this wrong offside decisions was when i was playing with my friend on my pc. it's when i'm shooting the ball out of my half with a long shot... it's a bug...i didn't see something like this in fifa 11...


Adil_7;3121920 said:
Bad decisions by ref is a nice addition

I would have completely agreed with you until last night, when for some reason I had a penalty given against me in stoppage time for fouling a player near the corner flag....yeah, nowhere near the box, explain that one EA.

That bizarre decision aside I like the added mistakes.