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Originally posted by viduka09
Sometimes, if its close to the touchline, the player will kick the ball hopelessy back into play, so maybe that might be the reason.

Do you mean that this bug is automatic? Jesus! I have been sometimes not close at all to the touchline when this happens (close to the band line yes, but not close to the touch line).

If you ask me: THIS SUCKS!


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Who wins a header? The person that presses the button first or the person who presses the button at the very last second. It is not consistent when I do it. Sometimes I am better off pressing the header button right away sometimes not.
Please help if you know ;) .


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Originally posted by mofo5131
Hitting "X" (on ps2, or the pass button) will ahve you head the ball, as long as you do it last, before the defender.

Also, a slightly more aggressive header, hold the Modifier Button and press Circle (or shoot). Although sometimes, if the player is alone, he'll boot it low up the field!

~What is the "Modifier Button" please? "c" or "w"?


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This is not a trick, but how....

When I'm about to receive a lob pass, the defender standing behind me can take control of the ball's looks as if he walks right thru me.

How can I do this & how can I prevent this


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I think i need a proper goal scoring tutorial, with video footage and edited in lines of explanation, cos I can't score to save my life.

I can defend reasonably, and can pass the ball around nicely, and attack along the wings, all fine, but as soon as my striker gets the ball. Wel thats the end of that attack.

Can anybody help a struggler with this?


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Anyone play pc 2004 with a Logitech wingman? I'm not sure if the game was designed with little deeking. But i don't have much choice for deeking only one move, nothin fancy. Is there more deeks that i don't know yet??


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Bolerus, i had the same problem in the beginning, i tryed playing the ball more on the wings and i'm scoring more often. But yes i find it hard for the striker to waltz right in. Rarely happens.


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This game is not so well done.

I find the most easy way to score is with an angled shot more or less near the area...

very easy way to score.


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heres a tip.. when shooting, especially from far distances, try aiming for the far (opposite) post always..

my fellow man u fans, what kind of formation do u guys use? i use d default which is 4-2-3-1..

one last thing, i play using the world class difficulty and im wondering, how do u do those excellent and pin point accurate through ball passes done by the computer? im having a hard time executing them..



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Throw in - How to do a long one?

How do you make a long throw-in like the CPU does!

The CPU can throw the ball to the opposite of field!

Anybody who knows how to make such long throws?

Btw. I'm playing on a PS22


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I don't think this has been mentioned. In career mode one of the most frustrating things is trying to get teams to buy the players you want to sell. The players the other teams express interest in are random but are decided before the game that is right before the next training session. Thus, you can just keep reloading your career and checking the team news until the players you want to sell are drawing interest. When it looks good, play the game, get to the training session, and go to transfer market to sell them off.

Another piece of advice I'd give is to make sure you use all 30 spots on your roster in career mode. Fatigue is so ridiculous that there is not much point in buying a stellar (85+) player since odds are good he'll just get exhausted and you can only use him every other game. Keep one good goalkeeper (I think Barthez is the best deal), one backup keeper, two sets of defenders, two sets of midfield and attacking players, and then enough crap players to sub in when your good players get tired.


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Originally posted by zull
i duno, the ball was just crossed in and i held d and arrow towards goal and it did it

its easy with a bit of practice, get a defender to lob the ball high in the air up field towards a stricker, get your stricker in persition as the ball is comeing through the air so his back is facing the goal, ( not his front! ) then jst as the ball is about to hit your stricker press D+left ( depending whice end your at ). if done right your player will do the bicicle kick but the hard part is scoring with it!


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shooting form outside the box

Originally posted by pmg4lktan
this seems to happens a lot ... not in Professional ... but Semi Pro ...

in Professional ... the goalie catach every ball you shoot outside the box ... i can only score in the box, reshoot it after it bounce back from the goalie or through corner ...

here's a tip to score from corner :
choose the player further from the goal ... let it run nearer to the defender (not over him) ... as "you" kick the corner, quickly sprint the player pass the defender then head it, volley it or whatever to score ...

this increase the possibility of goal, good luck! ;)

for the people who said they score 9/10 or 5/10 form outside the box, i play World Class with Manchester United and i score 9/10 from outside box, it's simple. wat u do is get a player with good shooting (i use giggs, scholes, solksjær, nistelrooy). get them around the red box areas i have put in the pic below. then shoot for the furthest corner of the goal away from you. let it go about 2/3rd up the shoot bar, then let go. GOAL! (i beat man city with man utd on professional 10-0 with bout 8 goals form outside box!)


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I play half season with DEFS, and DMS. The resting part of the season, I play it with all of the STARS.

Here's a very good trick. I just noticed that Nesta is the best tackler in the game. I compared Nesta to all defenders, and Nesta without a doubt is the person to slide and tackle without the fear of getting a foul. Here's what I do in my first half season. Hint: The bigger the defender, the better, example: Ferdinand and Stam

I use a 5-4-1 formation. Instead of putting a RB and a LB, I noticed it's much better if you put a QUALITY defender instead.




This formation is probably the best I've played with. Nesta, Ayala, Ferdinand, Stam, and Samuel pretty much don't let an opossing player shoot the ball at all. Just slide and tackle the right way, and you will have no problems. Now here's the important part, the DMs truely do help the team a lot. I noticed the MIDFIELD is much more solid. Infact, I play on WC, and I hardly see the best of players near my defense. DMs really do help a lot. Now Vieri, the only attacking player. Vieira, Makelele, Emerson, and Davids have a pretty good rating, without a doubt, their passes to Veiri are exact and precise. Some of you might go like "huh?" LOL, but trust me, this formation wont fail you if you don't want to be scored a goal or you just don't wanna suffer during the game. If you didn't like some of the defenders right there, it's simple, simply put another one with the same quality, or above. One more thing. Make sure to put a DEFENSIVE mode in the game for this kind of formation, you'll have a stronger and more balanced team in the back. Never use an ofensive mode with this formation which is 5-4-1.

Now on to the other formation, I use a 2-3-5 if I just want to have a good time.;) Or if just want to score goals all over the place. One thing though, you are very exposed to all kind of attacks with this formation. I only get score a goal with that formation. If they score a goal in one minute, I score 4 more. When you have guys like Rud, Vieri, Totti, Ronaldinho, Del Piero, Henry, etc. Use those kind of players on the 3-5 lineup. For the "2" backzone, I would suggest using quality defenders if you seriously are planning to not suffer in attacks. Try Nesta and Samuel together. If not, make sure you try 2 world class defenders. If you don't like the idea of putting 2 DEFs because you think you are going to get attacked anyways, then put ATTACKING stars. I tried it once, but attacking players can't defend or can't tackle, therefore, it's very asured you will receive a goal by a world class team if you put those kind of mega stars. But one thing, you get to have a lot of fun. Just experiment and see the difference and judge for yourself.:);) Just make sure to put an offensive mode to even have more fun.


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does anybody have tips on spin on the ball...keeping it low volley's bicylce kicks any tips you may have please share with me :)