Oº°‘¨Crisronaldo-7's kits & mini-kits thread¨‘°ºO


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Thank you very much, it's kind :)

Inter Milan home/away [MINI-KITS] :

And a few logos ...

English Premier League GUI Logo/Banner :

Serie A GUI Logo/Banner :

Serie B GUI Logo/Banner :



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Inter mini's on the seventh page ;)

France GUI Logo/Game Logo :

Netherland GUI Logo/Game Logo :

Then 2 kits that I made (I'll release the away and gk kits on 2 packs on FIFA Kulte)

Netherland home [KIT] :

FC Barcelona home [KIT] :

Thanks to my friend HUZ for his great front texture ;)

Hope you like, enjoy ;)


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This kits look FANTASTIC !!! The best Barcelona kit and Nederland kit,wait others excelents kits from you mate.


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I forgot one think,the collar of Netherland,you have forgot one detail. ;)Look to a rel pic to see it what he looks.


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your kits looks very very good ... you work much on minikits, and you make the minikits too look very real, and work much on collar, and that thing, make your kits to look very real on collar ! :D


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Thanks :)
I was busy but now, I will make lots of things ...

England home preview [MINI-KIT] :

New English Premier League Gui Logo/Banner :

Next : Barcelona (home & away), Manchester United (home), Chelsea (away) and Liverpool (away)


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Nice to see you back after a couple of months....I look forward to your work...you make great stuff....btw..the England mini is great!