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No grass on Santiago bernabeu


Youth Team
hey, i still play fifa 09, adn since nobody visits fifa 09 forum anymore i guessed i should post this here, i started a new manager mode and realized my santiago bernabeu has no grass, but when i play a friendly game (not on manager mode) it has grass, can somebody plz help me??
thnx in advanced


Youth Team

here's the SS i took, plz help me


Starting XI
coradomorado;2923728 said:

here's the SS i took, plz help me

great but i had uninstalled my fifa09. for the long time i dream to have grass like that on fifa10. but i prefer blue instead of dark gray. anybody know? :innocent_smile_1:


Club Supporter
I'm having the same issue on random stadiums 1 or 2 games the grass is normal some games it's like i'm playing on a black mat or in the space anybody knows how to fix it? mine is fifa 10 by the way.


Youth Team
Here are some general tips that may help solve problems like this. In my FIFA 10, there were a few times where there was no grass. It happened when I was changing mowing patterns. However, the grass wasn't gray like in that picture, instead black with glitchy colors.

One thing that seemed to solve the problem was when I didn't turn ENBSERIES on in-game until the game loaded. so, sometime with ENBSERIES on the match would load with no grass, when i turned it off, the grass would load. (once the game loads with grass, then turn on ENBSERIES with shift-f12) Also if you are have dual GPUs, make sure you go to task manager and check the boxes for BOTH CPU 0 and CPU 1.

Finally, when you are importing a stadium patch, don't overwrite another stadium. Make sure when you import the patch, it shows up as Green instead of Red. If it shows up as red, then don't install the patch as it could have graphical problems like the grass problem. go to stadiums and change the ID of the stadium that has the same stadium id as the patch to an empty slot, then import the patch again and create the stadium fully in a new zdata.


Club Supporter
Mate, have you checked the grass type on Creation Master 09? This usually happens if the grass setting is set to "Perfect" instead of "Good".

Oh, and one more thing. Did you use a patch to get the stadium or did you just create a new stadium on Creation Master 09 with Stadium ID 2?


Youth Team
chrisrx8 thanks man!
I had this problem too in fifa 10, but when i changed grass setting it has helped.


Club Supporter
The same bug in FIFA 10

Hey guys,sorry for refreshing the topic(for some reason I can't open my own topic).
I was wondering if some of you can help me. I have the pretty much same problem in FIFA 10.Just a little bit different.The thing is,the pitch just goes from black and sometimes you can see parts of the grass textures showing and disappearing,sometimes the players are completely black..I don't get why does it happen. What could it be linked to? I installed a face pack ,replaced 2 kits and added some new boots.But could any of you guys help me?