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Hey NK, I have a question, and perhaps it would allow you to create THE greatest patch ever.

Have you ever played PES or had some experience editing it? Because I was thinking, maybe you could extract the AI from the PES2008 demo and convert it to support 08...now THAT would be flat out awesome!

What do you say?


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Mate, are you ever going to finish the update for 07? You kind of just left it to that one beta...


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Sad news;

EA have left out the cpudiff.ini file in the file databse for 08. This means I cannot individually edit each difficulty mode.

Things like user goalkeeper and cpu goalkeeper cannot be touched, nor close down speeds for defence.

In other words, once you guys start beating the game, I won't be able to truly make it more challenging.

I can only edit AI. shooting, ball physics, keeper reactions, etc. But nothing major in terms of the CPU itself.

This is a bad move from EA.



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Tizmo;2419317 said:
Then if it can't be edited that much, mind as well finish the update for 07 ;)

LOL, i agree!

please NK, finish that patch, and please make it compatible with the game UCL 06-07!!!


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Is'nt there any software that can be used to create that file to make changes or any software that will help in making such changes?


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The heading at goal is too soft. The heading in F07 was very good, hard and low into the bottom corner, it was very realistic but the IA goals in F08 all seem to be the same to me, spinning on the edge of the box and run in on goal, through dink by support player and run in on goal, but not a single cross from wide and headed at goal?!?!?! That's why I am sticking with F07 because its has more variation in the CPU goals.
NK, I saw that EA had left out the cpu file from the ini.big from the first week, that means you cant edit the ways in which the cpu approaches play, fights back in the last minute, shoots on sight, etc. Bad move by EA indeed.


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the ball is too light. it's like a balloon :( and your player really take that lllooonnnggg time to control that bouncing ball (H)

one more thing is the balance between human and cpu e.g human player collided with the cpu player and most of the time that cpu player will win back the ball because human player seems to have a little bit that lllooonnnggg delay :mrpimp: and the 50-50 challenge are always weird too because no matter how weak the cpu player is but it's like 80% of the time that he has higher priority to have the ball against human :mrpimp:

and yes please... the gk's hand is like a metal punching the ball :(


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I don't have many problems with the gameplay so far - every thing is quite realistic except for a few minor inconveniences:
The out line for which the ball goes out on the sides of the field seems to be a bit further than it looks.
The ball seems to stop a bit easier on the grass than in real life.

I think any other problems i seem to be having during gameplay is solely due to me using a keyboard and not a controller so i can't really direct the ball in every angle.


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The same two things I told that guy who made a "next gen" gameplay patch:

1) It would be great if the ref would call more fouls per game.
2) we should find a way to play real 90 minutes.

keep researching and we will have hope


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Mate, last I heard, NK pretty much hated FIFA08 so he said he was going to stick making patches for 07...but he hasn't been around here for a while...


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NK FOOTBALL ©;2417680 said:
Hello to you all.

You'll be happy (or so I hope) to know that I will be releasing a new update over the coming weeks to really enhance your gaming experience.

Please take the time to give me feedback on the fifa 08 gameplay (pc-dvd) and what you want to see updated.

Is the game too easy, not balanced, ball physics need tweaking, shooting too easy, not enough unjuries or fouls? Let me know asap and I'll get to work.

Thanks guys,

who cares, im fed up with you

you see me as a rival for some stupid reason, why dont you let us help you


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Ok, snoppf1 do you make gameplay patches, it seems as though NK will not be making any for fifa08, maybe you could make a patch for it, if you and NK are gameplay patch rivals you must be as good as him ????



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hi perhaps u could edit the way a cross would go..it seems tat out of 50 crosses only 3 would end up on the player's head and the rest would be caught by d keeper..wad rubbish is tis?!