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News about Fifa 08


Club Supporter
I have some great news for you guys... In fifa 08 there will be a called: Be a pro - co-op season. This new mode will be almost the same thing as New Star Soccer, except from that this only will be 1 season and not a whole career.

The co-op thing means that maybe the 22 players on the field can be controlled by 22 Fifa-players.

Link: http://ps2.boomtown.net/da_dk/articles/art.view.php?id=71705
I know it's danish but I hope it'll be possible for someone to translate it all.

As you can see in the link this will be in the ps2 version, so don't ask about the xbox 360

The writer of the article also mentioned that it was the best football-game he has ever played even though he's a total PES-fanboy (Y):rockman: