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Newbies Introduce Yourselves...


Club Supporter
Small time lurker, first time poster. My names Matthew, I'm 17, from Australia, and not traditionally a soccer fan, rather just enjoy FIFA. I support teams in a few leagues. EPL - Man City, La Liga - Barca, MLS - Seattle and A-League - Central Coast.

Currently I'm doing an entirely simulated World Cup and putting every game on YouTube.


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Introduction of a Newbie. :)

Hi I'm Gian, from Philippines. 19 Yrs Old.

Please Help me in modifying FIFA 12.

Thank you.

Viva la Barça!


Club Supporter
hello people

hi all
im kingu and im a fan of fifa manager series :rockman:
just wanted to ask if someone know in fifa manager 2008 manager mode how many foreign players are allowed in team per league ???
for ex. in English premier how many foreign players can u buy ??

hope this question wont disturb any1...:clapwap:



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Hi guys i am Livas,i am from Romania,i have 23 yrs and my favourite team is Juventus Torino(Alessandro Del Piero "ERA")


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Heyo dudes, My name is Joss and I am a Hungarian fifamanager fan and I like team sports aswell. I want to polish some databases and create own stuffs for manager games.

william henry

Club Supporter
After joining any community, like those in the past, people sometimes got to get some fun, but for some time, they want to get useful information and knowledge from other community members. I am new to the forum and you want to find good friends, which I think this community is very interesting.