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New Substitution Cinematics Possible?


Youth Team
Is it possible to get some new substitution cinematics, the one where the camera pans across the stadium is getting a bit repetitive! wish EA had made one with the 4th official holding up the number board etc!


Youth Team
And then a cup final/winning cinematic like in PES 2011 too. On Europa and Champions League matches. Maybe someone can do them like last year.


Youth Team
im a big fan of fifa 11 dont get me wrong, but i must say the cinematics in PES 11 are alot more impressive


Club Supporter
It is possible the console cinemastics
involvement of the ps3 or xbox into the pc version so that sometimes a man celebrating with the cup looks on the pc version
or it is sometimes a patch containing the masterful celebration delivered by


Youth Team
the cup winning cinematics in the PC version are terrible.. looks like they are holding up an invisible trophy!


Youth Team
I think pretty much all the cinematics kinda ... well, suck compared to PES2011. They feel way more "real" then in Fifa. The walk on the field, the anthems, the celebrations (which are directly on the field, not in a strange cut-away). But i think what bothers me the most is how few different cutscene-animations there seems to be. So far I counted maybe 4 cutscenes for a goal or when the game is over ... its sooo repetitive